Because of the high turnover on all of our used books, we're always looking for more! If you just tore through that new release in one night, your shelves are looking weighed down, or you're finally cleaning out your garage, feel free to bring by a bag (or a few boxes) of books.

What kind of books do you take?

We take titles from all genres; however, we try to avoid outdated books (ie. computer books, fad diets, textbooks, etc.), mass market romance, books with writing, underlining or highlighting, and books that are excessively worn or damaged (ie. water damage, torn or dog-eared pages, overly creased spines, etc).

How much do I get for my books?

The value of used books is highly variable but depends mostly on the supply and demand of the title and the condition of the book. Whatever price we sell the book for, we give you half of that in store credit. So if we are going to sell a book for $7.00, you'll get $3.50 in store credit!




Used Books

Sell us your books!

Whether you're backpacking through the area and need a bargain book to stick in your pack or you're looking for some cozy fireside reading on the cheap, our selection of used books will do the trick! Fiction, sci-fi & fantasy, classics, non-fiction, young adult, or kids books: we've got it!