Featured Local History

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Tracks of Passion

Robin Morning

1st Edition: $80.00

2nd Edition: $100


368 pages with over 1,000 historical photographs, essays, and anecdotes. A regional history that tells the story of how skiing developed in California's Eastern Sierra including how ski pioneer Dave McCoy built Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

The Murders At Convict Lake

George Williams III



 George Williams III tells the gruesome story of the convicts who escaped the Nevada State Penitentiary at Carson City in 1871. Six convicts fled more than 200 miles south into Mono and Inyo counties, California. They pledged to kill any man in their way. Cornered at Convict Lake, the convicts killed several posse members, and then fled to Bishop. Near Bishop, three convicts were captured, lynched, tried and two hung. 

Sierra Stories

Gary Noy



The memories and stories from this book portray the craziness that was and still is the Sierra Nevada. A well-illustrated and lively tribute to the Sierra.

The Story of Inyo

W.A. Chalfant



This book's purpose is to preserve, particularly, the record of Inyo County earlier than 1870, when a printed record began.

El Camino Sierra.jpg

Tales Along El Camino Sierra

David & Gayle Woodruff


 Tales Along El Camino Sierra is a collection of little known stories involving people, places and events that have taken place over the years, in the beautiful lands of the Eastern Sierra. These engaging and often amusing narratives bring to life the area’s rich human history, that has not only helped shape the social culture of this cherished region but have often created an enduring impact upon the human psyche.

Mammoth: The Sierra Legend

Martin Forstenzer


California's Mammoth Mountain lives up to its name — snowfalls are epic, and its vast acreage can be explored by skiers and snowboarders for days. With 150 color and 50 black-and-white photographs, this beautifully illustrated book portrays the resort's evolution from one man's dream to the ranks of the top ten ski resorts in the U.S.

Mono Lake Basin

David Carle and Dan Banta



Mono Lake dominates the volcanic landscape east of the Sierra Nevada between Yosemite National Park and Nevada. The lake’s unusual water chemistry produces algae and brine shrimp, feeding millions of birds and creating strange mineral formations called tufa, for which the lake is famed. 

Sierra Nevada Place Names

Peter Browning



From the Lake Tahoe Basin south to Walker Pass, and from Abbot to Zumwalt. This is the essential guide to the names in the Sierra Nevada.

101 Moments in Eastern Sierra History

Dave Babb



Brief accounts of just a few of the significant people, places, and events that figured prominently in teh exploration, settlement, growth, and development of california's historic Eastern Sierra region.