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The Log of a Snow Survey

Pat Armstrong


Mountain snow is the Western United States' greatest fresh water reservoir. The Sierra Nevada snow surveyors travel through some of the most stunning mountain terrain found anywhere in the world. Winter is indeed a wild and beautiful season high in the mountains. It has its obvious dangers and it has its sublime beauties. This account attempts to transport the reader into that remote winter world.


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Stopping the Road

Jack Fisher


Stopping the Road is an exceptional recounting of a fifty-year battle to stop the building of another road through the pristine wilderness of the Sierra Nevada.. - Three national parks, twenty wilderness areas, and two national monuments. The book, written by historian Jack Fisher, brings together the history, geology, politics, and local human stories that characterized the struggle, which finally ended dramatically in 1972.


The Spotting Scope

David Carle


Jack Morgan had been a park ranger at Saline Lake until the National Monument was shut down by a Congress determined to push back against environmentalism. Leading a search for a 17-year-old boy hiking alone in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jack uncovers connections with a dead man on the shore of Saline Lake.

Let Your Mind Run.jpg

Let Your Mind Run

Deena Kastor



From an Olympic medalist runner and the record-holder in the women's marathon and half-marathon, a vividly inspirational memoir on using positive psychology and brain science to achieve unparalleled athletic success.

The Aunties

Debbie Boucher




Deborah's career is at a dead end. After a splashy debut with her first novel, she's languished as a freelancer, her potential unfulfilled. But the death of an elderly aunt provides unexpected source material, as she and her family discover journals and letters that bring to life a colorful and shocking past. The Aunties is a novel within a novel-the story of Deborah's quest to fictionalize her unexpected legacy.

Mammoth Letters.jpg

The Mammoth Letters

Jennifer Crittenden


 Skillfully blending anecdote, history, and description, The Mammoth Letters is an amusing and sensitive portrayal of an eclectic town and its colorful inhabitants and will inspire anyone who has wondered about making the leap from one world to another. In a book of wide emotional range, readers will discover mystery, beauty, and tragedy in how a majestic but unforgiving alpine wilderness affects those living at its edge.

The Fatal Affair in Monte Diablo Canyon: The Convict Lake Story

James S. Reed


This tells the story of six convicts who escaped from Nevada, leaving behind them a path of murder and robbery. They holed up in a canyon in the Eastern Sierra near present day Mammoth Lakes, California. The story is told in the context of its time: construction of the transcontinental railroad over the Sierras and through Nevada, the silver and gold discoveries that built the West, the rigors of life in the mining camps, and the preference for vigilantism over tiresome judicial procedures.


The Shortest Straw

Dean Rosnau


     The stage for adventure is set in Dean Rosnau's rambunctious youth, and the reader is soon launched headlong into a bracing string of first-hand narratives, detailing the risk and challenge of high-mountain search and rescue operations, known as SAR. In this exhilarating report from the heights of the eastern Sierra Nevada, Dean Rosnau exposes a pathway to life-saving decision, gripping rescue action and volatile emotional challenge, all emerging as part of the daily routine of high-mountain search and rescue: a routine like no other.


A Twin Pique

Terry Gooch Ross



In the third High Sierra Mystery, J again turns her problem-solving skills to unraveling mysteries: A casual request by a friend turns into an explosive situation; a consulting job gives anger in the workplace new meaning; and jealousy over her lover's old girlfriend becomes a fight to save her life.

Hopeful Uncertainties

Kirk Stapp


After being wounded while serving in Vietnam, Jason Cord is a high school teacher losing faith. When he invites Captain Matt Parris, a former student who served in Iraq and who is dying from cancer, to speak to his American Government class, he clashes with the school board. This is the story of Jason and Matt's honest struggles and hopeful uncertainties.

Becoming Green

Stuart Fox



Taking place in Mammoth Lakes, Becoming Green follows Major "Di" Johnson and her team as they quarantine the community after a new disease begins turning its victims green. This science fiction novel uses information based on current biomedical science, making it a very plausible situation.

Running First Marathon.jpg

Running Your First Marathon

Andrew Kastor


 Whether you are planning to run a full or half marathon, Coach Kastor's marathon training program conditions you to set achievable goals, get in shape, and stay motivated. With an easy-to-follow 20-week marathon training schedule for building strength and endurance, plus expert advice from record-holding runners on what to expect, Running Your First Marathon is the only coaching you'll need to go the distance.