Featured Local Adventure

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Missing In The Minarets
William Alsup

This riveting narrative details the mysterious disappearance of Peter Starr, a San Francisco attorney from a prominent family, who set off to climb alone in the rugged Minaret region of the Sierra Nevada in July 1933. Rigorous and thorough searches by some of the best climbers in the history of the range failed to locate him. When all hope seemed gone and the last search party had left the Minarets, mountaineering legend Norman Clyde refused to give up.

When it happened, the heartrending drama at Convict Lake made international headlines. It was the most significant event to occur there since 1871 when a real-life Wild West shootout earned Convict Lake its name. The book answers the question of why the teenagers and rescuers arrived at that frozen spot in the middle of a High Sierra lake on Presidents' Day 1990; and the answer reveals a tale that is as much about the ghost of our future as it is about the ghosts of our past.

Convict Lake
Richard Mallard
Yosemite Epics

Matt Johansen

Mammoth Lakes Sierra is the authoritative guide to a superbly beautiful portion of the Sierra Nevada in eastern California. The book includes thirty-two pages of photographs, including rare historic photos. Drawings of wildflowers, trees, birds, mammals, geologic map and index.

The Last Season 
Eric Blehm

Blehm delves into the life of Randy Morgenson, who spent 28 summers as a backcountry ranger in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains before he mysteriously vanished. Five years later, his remains were found at the base of a waterfall.

Shattered Air

Bob Madgic


The compelling true account of recklessness, tragedy, courage and rescue on Yosemite's Half Dome. A book whose sobering depiction of Nature's danger is tempered by unforgettable portraits of the triumphant human spirit.

Finding Everett Ruess

David Roberts



Wilderness explorer Everett Ruess was traveling alone through the American west when he vanished in 1934. The mystery of his disappearance remains unsolved. Roberts tells of his own journey through the areas previously explored by Ruess and his interviews with those who encountered the young explorer through his adventures.