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Sierra Nevada Natural History

Tracy I. Storer, Robert l. Usinger, David Lukas



The definitive resource for exploring california's spectacular larndscape and abundandt flora and fauna

Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada

John Muir Laws



In this groundbreaking and meticulously field-tested guide, the rich variety of Sierra life--trees, wildflowers, ferns, fungi, lichens, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, insects, and other small animals-- comes alive.

Wildflowers of the High Sierra and John Muir Trail

Elizabeth Wenk



This new book by Sierra expert Elizabeth Wenk includes photos and descriptions of approximately 300 species of wildflowers and flowering shrubs in the High Sierra; focusing on areas above 8,000 feet in elevation from Yosemite south through the Whitney Region. Descriptions include the species' common and scientific names, family name, growth form, flowering time, elevation range, region, specific locations on popular trails, and how to identify the plant using color, petal number, leaf shape, height, and more.

Sierra Birds: A Hiker's Guide

John Muir Laws



  • More than 200 species represented 

  • Arranged for easy identification by bird color and size

  • annotated with distinctive features and behaviors

  • color taps for easy reference 

  • Full-color illustrations throughou

  • convient size for hikers and backpackers

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America
David Allen Sibley
The Sibley Field guide to Birds of Western North America is an indispensable resource for all birders seeking an authoritative and portable guide to the birds of the West. 

Geology of the Sierra Nevada

Mary Hill



  • Gives detailed information on where to view outstanding Sierra Nevada geology in some of the world's most beloved natural treasures and national parks.

  • Superbly Illustrated with 117 new color illustrations, 16 halftones, 39 line illustrations, and 12 maps. 

  • Features an easy-to-use, interactive key for identifying rocks and a glossary of geologic terms.